Diamond ZvP Carrier/HT

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Alright, so as the title indicates, I'm a diamond level Zerg.  I was laddering and ran into something that I simply could not break, every time I engaged, I walked away worse while slowly draining my money until the point that I couldn't resupply and try again.  The guy got down a late expansion so I figured it would be safe to push a 4hatch (learned right here by Day[9])  Granted, I was a little late on my pool, and 5th, at the point I saw his army, I stopped thinking about any build because I hadn't seen it before.  It immediately became a game of 'how do I beat this?'  To which I am coming to you for an answer.  For those that don't want to watch the replay, He ended up going High Templar/Carrier, with a couple zealots early on to tank for the HT.  Later in the game he started throwing in Void Rays, but by that point I had already lost pretty hard.  The link below is my replay via drop.sc  (Thank you Hansen)

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