Hearthstone help

So first off, hello everybody and I hope you're having a wonderful day.  Secondly, a recent deck has been getting a lot of attention and I've always loved those types of decks so I gave it a try.  I am referring to the GvG mill druid by Chaos (something?  sincerest apologies for not knowing his name).  I heard about it did some research built the deck, and was looking for some input.  I'm hoping that this will get to some people who have also played the deck.  Link to deck list: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/150969-gvg-mill-control-druid-budget-competitive

My first thought it that I would really love to find a way to get Ancient of Lore in there, but there really just isn't a way.  However, in my games I've noticed that pyromancer really isn't doing a whole lot.  Most spells are expensive or not strong enough to deal with the board and sadly I rarely find time to fit in a pyro swipe, since the deck has a bit of a rough early game.  I was thinking about switching them out for something like Explosive Sheep - to guarantee damage (and two at that)- or Deathlord - to help tank in the early and force cards onto the board for stronger clears.  I've also considered things like Earthen Ring Farseer for some extra heal and keeping the board presence.  I plan on playing around with them (I have a tournament in a month that I would love to bring this deck to to have a strong deck against all control variants).  Any input anyone has would be greatly appreciated.