ZvT mass mine

Before this gets shoo'd away for being 'yet another ZvT mine help section' I have never seen anything like this before.  I haven't played very much in recent times (like a 6 month break) and used to be at the diamond level, started back up and started having fun.  Since the meta is nothing like what I'm used to playing (although the maps are a nice welcome back) I just kind of went with whatever.  After a few games I realized just how far my EVERYTHING had slipped.  That being said, I analyzed and have found many mistakes in the game, and completely think I deserve the loss, that is to say, this is also not a 'mines so so broken.........' post.  This guy opened hellion, then went into mine, like mass mine, like holy shit that many mines shouldn't exist.  Replay follows.
Aside from really bad control, shit map awareness and vision over the course of the game, and letting my macro play 'the song of my people' I am aware there are at least a thousand ways to improve ... again.  But as the game went on, I started to get back into it and tried coming back, now maybe it was just a lost game, and maybe I just suck more than I think I do (personally I think both are valid) but I just felt like there was absolutely nothing I could do at any point after the mid game.  Yeah he was up a base (I didn't need to see the right side base to know it was there) the mines were just too many, and the vikings kept pushing my overseers back and the tanks did a bit extra from afar.  Is there anything I can do against this play other than just 'control better' or 'have more bases' or anything?