Funday Monday Topics

I am surprised this doesn't exist yet, so let's get started.

Post cool new ideas on what could be good funday monday restrictions.


- Do not state ideas that were already done before (Day[9]'s youtube Funday Monday Playlist)

- Please refrain from stating ideas such as "use mouse only", "play while zoomed in"... etc. These only hinder the player and would generally not provide anything you can't just go find in a low level replay.

- Again, the point is to either open up new possibilities and thinking patterns we could not have thought about without the restriction OR to lay down a basis for a good game to watch.

Good example:

- Mass queen: ultra fast creep spread, feeling secure vs air (and early pushes thanks to transfuse). Can be a great addition to your army in the late game.

Bad example:

- No Medivacs: why!?