Shaman Totem Deck

Hi guys!

I've just been playing around with the idea of a totem deck. The idea is simply: play totems and buff 'em up. It's been working pretty well so far (got me up to rank 8 :D)!! But I'm sure there's improvements to make. I'd love to get your feedback and suggestions. The current decklist is:

  • totemic might x2
  • earth shock x2
  • lightning bolt x2
  • rockbiter weapon x2
  • stormforged axe x1
  • windfury x1
  • dire wolf alpha x1
  • flametongue totem x2
  • master swordsmith x1
  • feral spirit x2
  • hex x2
  • lightning storm x2
  • mana tide totem x2
  • shattered sun cleric x2
  • dark iron dwarf x1
  • defender of argus x1
  • bloodlust x2
  • stormwind champion x2

Thanks! :D