Wrath of Hammers: A Paladin Deck

Wrath of Hammers Deck




It's been a while... so let's talk about one of the more interesting things that came from the new formats for HS...


Do you remember Giants Paladin? The one deck that LIVES for the day that you draw that Holy Wraith and WHAM! 20 damage to the face (at least for me it did)? Well, the nerf happened... and now you can deal 25 damage! I have tested this particular version of Giants Paladin for a few days now and it is shockingly good.


Early Game - Mulligan for removals like Doomsayer and Pyros/Equalities, just in case your opponent starts to build an early board.


Mid-Game - Use Hammer of Wrath and Truesilver Champion to keep the enemy board presence down while using hero powers and intermezzo cards (i.e. A Light in the Darkness); if you can drop something big, DO IT! It will make your opponent waste some removal. Emperor when you can as well, especially if you have a Lay on Hands in hand.


Late Game - Keep slamming down threats until they cannot handle it. I have discovered that playing Blood of the Ancient One toward the end of the game is seriously strong; most of the hard removal by that time is long gone, used to remove the giants.


The cards I am not sold on yet:

Cult Apothecary - a little too situational, but it has saved me enough that I still keep them in

Master Jouster - well, they kind of are a coin flip. If you win the joust, they rock, otherwise...

Molten Giant x2 - I WANT this to work so bad (and have won games with it too!) but honestly they are kind of dead cards for most of the game. With the amount of draw in this deck, Mountain Giants are more consistant. 


Your thoughts? Always fun to post a fun deck!