I love cheese

I used to die to cheese all the time and it contributed to me quitting a long time ago (like season 1). A few months ago I started watching Day9's videos and I decided to try laddering again. Now I love it when people cheese me. I just had a terran player try to bunker rush me at my natural expo on a large map. So I just though "ok, 2 spines and im completely fine." The net result was that he lost 2 bunkers, 6 marines, 1 barracks (he didnt lift it) and I lost 1 ling. Then I figured, why not expand again, get lots of shit and kill him. Its amazing how easy cheese is to deal with, and most importantly when you do deal with it you are usually way ahead. If a toss cannon rushes you he has either not expanded, or he has and he wont be a threat for a while so get a 3rd.

Anyway, its amazing how much of a difference the right mindset makes.