Day9+Starcraft, and my video game loving 2-year-old

I got into starcraft about a year and a half ago, and recently I have decided that it would just be swell to get my son started early! Prior to playing with him, we would spend time watching day9's archives together (10pm is just too late for him to be up to watch live.) He  loves the games and the humor of the casts, and yells "DAY" whenever he sees Sean.  Obviously, the complexities of the physical mechanics are a little difficult for him at this age, but he is still able to select units, move them, attack, move around the map..I just fill in the rest. We either play AI or lose...a lot lol. He's getting better, though!

Before starting SC2 with him, he played minecraft, starfox, portal (more navigating, less puzzle solving lol), and torchlight  by himself and loved watching his dad play everything from EV Nova to EVE to Half-life (had to stop that after we realized his fascination with turning everyday objects into guns was because of this).  I let him play for about an hour a day, so as to not get him hooked. Thankfully he seems to like books just as much, so I lucked out there. 

So, if there is anyone out there with kids who want to share their opinions on starting kids on video games early, I would really like to hear it! 

And for Sean, if you read this, I would like you to know how much you mean to my son and I! He absolutely loves watching you, and you have brought much happiness to me as well! We would love to meet you one day, if we ever get the chance.