[H] High Templars

Hello, I am currently a silver league 1v1 player seeking knowledge to improve my game. I have a good unit composition and win most fights and engagements but would like to expand my unit comp.

Recently i have been watching alot more streams and have noticed that high templars rape and have begun trying to implement them into my deathballs.

The problem im having is with casting storm. My issue seems to be not remembering how slow HT move. Recently storm has been doing me more harm than good. i generally prefer a healthy amount of zealots (w/ charge) in my unit comps. when i go to engage an enemy i storm slightly behind their front lines so my zealots dont get molested by my HT. But my HT like to meander around first then after my zlots stalkers immos and colos clean most of the enemy up my HT storm the hell out of my own army costing me most of my zealots and stalkers.

Ive tried having the HT move somewhat ahead of my army when i plan to engage but they usually get slaughtered after like 2 storms doing minimal dmg.

I suspect the issue is in my hot keys. for whatever reason i have my hot keys setup as 3:sentries/other energy unit, 4: entire army, and 5 Air/support units (and now HT). I a-move 4 then proceed to try to get storms off but my HT seem to like to try and move to the exact location i clicked for the a-move even after overwriting the command with hotkey #5 to start storming.

I apologize i dont have a replay. Any advice, links, kicks in the teeth would be appreciated. :P

also whats a good amount  to have and is there a way to upgrade storms effectiveness?

PS believe or not but i beat the StarCraft master challenge with the one HT and 2 storms on my first try lol