The "Day[9] Dragon Deathrattle Draw Reno Rogue" / "4D2R"

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From what I've seen, Day9 loves the "big plays". They are fun to pull off and to watch. He loves huge swings in power and feeling in control of the game. Reliable combo decks are ideal for Snarfstone Decktaculars.

I've made a deck that takes that particularly into consideration.

It's the "Day9 Dragon Deathrattle Draw Reno Rogue." or "4D2R"


This deck is a joy to play and a joy to watch.

The deck is built around Reno to counter Aggro decks. It has solid early game with good 2 drops. Good value/tempo with Dragons. TONS of cardraw allows increased odds of Big Plays. Nozoth and Nefarian are HUGE value.

Win Conditions: Control vs Aggro, Value vs Control, Tempo vs Heavy Control.

Weaknesses: Poor Control. Light AoE. Try to control the board early.

Big Plays: Shadowcaster Nozoth, Reno, Nefarian, Chromaggus = win game.

It's one of each because of Reno Jackson:


Rogue Cards: 13


Deadly Poison

Journey Below



Undercity Huckster

Fan of Knives

Shadow Strike

Si:7 Agent

Tomb Pillager


Dark Iron Skuler



Neutral Cards: 17

Acidic Swamp Ooze

Faerie Dragon

Flame Juggler

Jeweled Scarab

Bloodmage Thalnothe

Loot Hoarder

Blackwing Technician

Cult Master

Twilight Drake

Twilight Guardian

Azure Drake

Blackwing Corruptor

Reno Jackson

Sylvanas Windrunner





Thank you to the fans and to Day9 for being awesome. Even if you don't use this one, I hope you take the appreciation to heart.