Show the Priest some love?

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I would like to see Day[9] try a priest deck. I've got one he could try out, or he could make his own.

I'm a huge fan of the value priest as the "Basic Cards" for priest are really good to make a deck out of even if you don't spend money.

Would you consider playing a variation of my "Value Priest" deck or consider making your own Priest deck for an upcoming Decktacular? No card used is above Common.


1x Circle of Healing    - Helps heal the fatty Creatures and gives good tempo/carddraw with Northshire

2x Holy Smite    - Early game cheep removal and potential enrage for Berzerkers. Great for Tempo (weakness of a Priest)

2x Power Word Shield    - Great value and on Lightspawn, hillarious. Also makes Amani Berzerker into a beast early game.

2x Northshire Cleric    - Northshire Cleric OP

2x Shadow Word Pain    - Early game removal

2x Shadow Word Death    - Late game removal

1x Thoughtsteal     - reliably good value

2x Lightspawn      - Potentially better value than a Chillwind yeti which is really saying something. Combine with Temple Enforcer or Powerword Shield for maximum value.

2x Holy Nova    - Great heal and aoe nuke against Zoo which is a classic weakness for Priest

1x Temple Enforcer    - Turn that Yeti into Cenarius or that Lightspawn into Alextrasa. 6/6 for 6 isn't bad either.

2x Mind Control     - Much Power. Such value. Wow! (reliably a 2-3 for 1)


2x Amani Berzerker     - Nothing stops tempo like this guy and he's great for a nasty surprise with holy smite. Remember that it's not always bad to heal this guy even though he loses enrage. I see many people forget and sacrifice 2 2/2's against him forgetting that I can just heal him with my hero power. 

2x Mad Bomber    - Great early game and amazing for putting damage on Berzerkers and for Northshire Cleric card-draw.

2x Shattered Sun Cleric    - Pretty basic. That +1/1 allows for some really great value and increases the odds of the creature living to be healed another turn.

2x Chillwind Yeti    - Value Meat.

2x Sen'jin Shieldmasta'    - Value Meat + Taunt

1x Gurubashi Berzerker     - This thing is crazy when used with holy priest.

Overall, the aim is to maximize value. Have strong early/midgame to live until those 2 mind controls can win the game. I use that Hero Power liberally to maximize value. I keep in mind the difference between the two berzerkers. (The big one gets bigger every hit and if you heal it, it keeps the enrages).

 Even so, this priest deck smacks down Zoo and when I add a Fen Creeper, slaps down Miracle Rogue too. Beyond that, it's just fun to have so many big meaty creatures on the board.

GL! HF! Thanks for the show!