Need friends?

Have you heard of the club of no friends? well how about we adapt it to SC2? See, I'm having this problem, i find myself playing alone all the time, none of my real life friends play SC2 or any other RTS games, they preffer MMOs and FPS games. It really is kind of hard to be so excited about a game when i cant even share it with someone, and i'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, so this is what i propose, i created this Group called "No Friends Group", where we can all go, talk and play some matches...low league (bronze, silver or gold) since i'm sure most of the higher level players already have people to play with. I'm in the US server, id is Iluminati, so come on join...I really hope people do have this issue and I'm not just some forever alone loser haha XD