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I have played a variation of your friends' rogue ambusher deck for a while and can see why he loves to see multiple ambushers come out at once, but I have never run it with a Reno due to all of the double ups, after seeing your latest, I decided to throw him into the mix.

The deck I'm requesting is anything you care to build around the premise of surviving until card out. Then using reno and gang up. I didn't plan to do it but watching people rage quit when you drop that combo after doing 0 damage to them all game is priceless. I'd be interested in what you would consider the best synergy to reach end game.

If you always save gang up to the end its hard to die when stacking return to hand cards; *saps brewmasters shadowsteps kidnapper vanish etc." running a few double ups is not a major issue (2 gang ups delays cardout) just save the gang ups to the very end, doubling up on healbots is also quite useful. Reno is so cheap you can throw him out and return to hand on the same turn.

Long time watcher on the youtubes! Time differences make it hard to watch live. As always I love your casting!