Thank You! (HotS Launch Contest: Mega Bloks Battlecruiser)

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Dear Day[9] and staff,

Thank you so much for the Mega Bloks Battlecruiser (which was sent some time ago)! After a long and rough day at work, I found that a box had been placed off to the side in my living room and, seeing as it was unopened, wondered "Is that for me?" Words cannot express my excitement when I saw that it was from Day[9]TV, nor the excitement of opening it to find my very own cattlebruiser!

It's funny... I remember playing with these things when I was younger. though I forgot just how much fun it was to put these things together. My work hours ensured that the build time on this was lengthy! It turns out I can't fit inside it, but that didn't curb my joy in the least!Again, thank you Day[9] and the Day[9] team for the very unexpected and heartwarming surprise. The best presents are the ones that you wouldn't have thought to buy yourself, but that end up meaning so much to you. (I really am absurdly sentimental over this thing.) Also thanks for all you do for the Starcraft II community and for eSports in general! Neither would be the same without you.

Adam (Smidge)

Also, I liked Stephanie's idea so I took a bunch of progress photos of the battlecruiser being built! I think it took a total of about 15-20 hours to complete (2.5-3 hours per photo).

Battlecruiser operational!!