[H][T] TvZ (vs. Z macro) idea critique

Hi all, I'm a high-bronze player and TvZ is my worst matchup, specifically when zerg fast expand into a very macro game (spine crawlers for D). I was looking at Day9's daily video about standard terran and Polt's timing differences and I think this idea falls under Polt's category, in terms of timing.

The idea---

Is it possible to use Vikings to supply block zerg? Again, mainly to apply pressure in some way so that you can catch up/keep them behind. I haven't gone up against too much early AA from fast-expand zergs at this point. And they're usually at the point where they're still teching and droning, I felt like it could be helpful.

The build---(this is in no way optimized, yet)


I'm basically working off a similar opening to Polt's marauder-hellion, but I am very new to this so I'm sure it could be optimized (maybe forgo siege until the push?). After the push you can follow up however you like, I suppose....more rax into MM, start siege tech, etc...

Pushes---(this build is far from optimized, so I'm sure you can push earlier)

Again, at this point it's just an idea, but I can get 4 Vikings at their base by ~8:00. Assuming decent micro, I should be able to get quite a few kills without losing too many vikings to queens. I think 4 vikings kill an OL in 2 volleys.
So I push with Vikings at 8:00. Retreat the Vikings.
I feel I can push again with the first 2 (1?) medivacs + original vikings as soon as medivacs are done, or go for a 4 medi drop @~10:00.
In the second push, the Vikings can really go to town and the drop should be able to snipe some tech.

Goal: If it succeeds, the drop push should delay tech by sniping any spires/evo etc, and should kill another batch of OLs (if all goes super he really has nothing and I win). If it fails, I don't feel like this is necessarily an all-in...but you'd be behind.
The idea is the same as Day9 said in his video, I want to be pressuring them from 8:00 onwards. I feel this build is somewhat more vulnerable to early pressure, so scouting can't be wrong about early expand.

Anyways, that's the idea, I'm new to theorycrafting and not that experienced overall so feel free to tear it apart. I'm sure it's not as good Polt's push or standard banshee-hellion play, but I find those tend to be a little intense for me to pull off, so I was looking around for something else. And also just to shake it up a bit.

Playstyle notes:
1. I tend to expand a little later than most, but it hasn't affected my other matchups so far.
2. I can handle either 1 attack/drop + macro at home or 2 attacks/drops (2-pronged attack) but then my macro will falter somewhat.