Black Sands: Tactical Fantasy Combat Game on Kickstarter

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I've been working on publishing a tabletop game for quite some time, and Sean's always been an inspiration to listen to. If the game sounds interesting to you, check it out and support a fellow DayKnight. It starts at $28 and packs a ton of gameplay into the box.

In Black Sands, players each control a unique hero fighting in a fantasy arena. Designed with realistic combat in mind, Black Sands is a low luck, high strategy game. Players prepare defensive cards to different sides of their hero, and then tactically maneuver on their turn to unleash savage attacks.


Black Sands brings a new and exciting axis to brawler board games with its modular hex grid and its cleverly-designed technique cards.  Lovers of fighting games will be interested to see Black Sands’ impressive scope and potential.”-