Sea Giant Flood Warlock for the Decktacular!

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Hello Day[9]! I created a Flood Warlock deck that features Sea Giants, a Frostwolf Warlord, and a Flesheating Goul that I thought you might enjoy on your decktacular! The deck is fun, requires thought, and is suprisingly succesful (got to rank 2 before I stopped) -- all of which contribute to a great decktacular.



*Always mulligan for: Void walker, haunted creeper, dark bomb, mortal coil (if you think he's aggresive) and most importantly faerie dragon

*It tends to play out relatively slowly, but by no means is it an all out control deck

*Imp-losion's are key for Sea giant, Frostwolf Warlord, and Felsheating goul combos

*The deck really requires thought and strategy, so being manna inefficient seems to be a semi-often occurence

*Biggest issues are with control warrior and priest


Good luck! Hopefully I'll see this on the decktacular because I really want you to enjoy it as much as I have!