Easy-to-use clanwar system Boxflock Official Release!

Hey! You might remember our last post about our teams and clanwars website Boxflock.com. After months of hard work and effort, we are glad to announce the long awaited official release. We listened to your feedback, tested out the features and we are ready to release this beast to the wild! We hope this platform enrichens your StarCraft 2 social experience!

Our platform is non-profit, with no paid features.

What can you use this platform for?

Finding teams that are searching for players with your skill level Finding (and auto matching) similar teams for a clanwar (all-kill, one-on-one) with automatic local time conversion. Over 30 registered teams Private team and public discussions Contacting your teammates offline via private messaging Featured & team events And more! We are still working on some features as finding local teams and team leagues. Your suggestions and feedback would be great.

Check us out at : http://www.boxflock.com

Tours (desktop/tablets only):

General tour - http://www.boxflock.com/tour/what

About posting cards - http://www.boxflock.com/tour/cards

Stream integration - http://www.boxflock.com/tour/streams

Clan wars - http://www.boxflock.com/tour/clanwars

Upcoming features: Team Leagues - http://www.boxflock.com/tour/leagues