New Tro... streamer here!

Hello everyone!

Having watched Sean AKA Day[9] for a while now, I've finally decided to break out of my shy autistic shell and start streaming!  I thought I'd ask the Day[9] community to drop by and have a look see.

According to the PC, I'm UTC -8, Pacific Day Time.  Basically, the same time zone as California or Oregon.  I live in Canada... Eh!

I'm going to streaming on Sunday night, around 5 or 6 pm.  I'm thinking Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail!  One of my favorite point and clicks.  I play some Hearthstone, though I'm not great at it, and I also play D3.  I wouldn't mind starting over with Dragon Age: Inquisition if anyone is interested in watching that.  (I made a mage, so I'd really like to choose some different options and choices my next play through.)

I also play D3, Tie Fighter (though I only have a 360 controller to play sadly,) Destiny (not since the expansion....) and a few others.  So if anyone has any suggestions, I'd really like to hear it!

Thanks everyone, I hope to hear from you all!