My story - Andrew

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I first found out about Starcraft basically when it came out, in 98. I was 7 at that time, but it wasnt my first RTS. My big brother, who later delved deeper into gaming got me into Warcraft 2. Thanks to hours spent playing it, I somehow managed to pick up the more complex SC. I also picked Protoss, cause of my big brother. 

Starcraft made me really love gaming, and creative thinking. I had friends which did lots of other stuff at the time, but I just went back from school and enjoyed being the nerd I was at the time ! I didnt theorycraft a lot the time, but when I finally picked up Starcraft 2, being a grown up person, I looked back at my whole youth basically filled with this wonderful universe. Thanks to WOL, and Day[9] I started delving into more practical and life-reflected parts of the game. Especially the thought process , problem solving. All in all, delving into Starcraft as a whole, was one of the most enriching experiences I probably had, even though it took me years and lots of maturity to realise !

Heart of the Swarm, seems like an amazing project to me, especially as Zerg is my race of choice since the beginning of SC2. I also never in my life had the chance of participating in an event like a Beta. Having a key, and trying out the game of my life in my most awaited expansion pack would be something exeptionally special :) 

Cheers fellow gamers !