Amnesia 2 and Outlast

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Having played both Amensia: Dark Descent, Machine for Pigs and Outlast I plead Day9 to change the game to Outlast. I bought and played Amnesia when I saw Day9 play it, and seeing him go through it was the best - Only time I've gotten up to see a live show with him (at 4 AM here in europe!.. On a monday!) 

Machine for pigs will DEFINITELY not be a similar experience, the sound effects in the game is really good and kinda scary, and I enjoyed the game.

But I went through the entire game without really being scared or afraid - And I'm not trying to sound cool or anything, I was shitting my pants when i played Dark Descent and had to play it over several days because I couldn't take the stress. Machine for pigs was finished after a couple of hours during a single evening.

I tried Outlast.. for 15 minutes, then I quit it and haven't opened it again since - SO FUCKING SCARY! If you want Day9 to yell "IM A MAAAAN!!!!!!" after screaming like a little girl for 2 hours, then I suggest we should  make a petition or something.