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Okay, this Daily was fun as hell. But it also served to seal your status in the Hall of Fame by being promoted to Grandmaster ON COMMAND! Like, at WILL! You played just one game and BAM, Grandmaster, suckas! Put that in your pipes and suck on a chicken before it hatches (I may be mixing metaphors but I don't care)! 'Suckas!

Note: Every phrase in the English language can be improved by inserting the words "Sucka" or "Suckas" at the end. It's true. Try it out! Thuggish gestures optional.

Now for the mandatory serious comment: Is it just me or are Warhounds BAD ASS?!? I mean, what the HELL?!? Protoss get a long range flying ship that sucks even WORSE than the Carriers they removed and Terran get the Warhound? I mean, don't get me wrong, the Tempest are great ... when compared to a slightly damp trout. "Oh, but they have uber-long range!" So? That just means that they can SUCK from greater distances! Where the carrier could at least kill things occasionally the Tempest can only manage to startle players now-and-then with a static-electric ball of tickles from off screen. Oooooooh, scary. They MIGHT not suck quite as bad if they still had splash damage but, not, their sparkly balls of tickles are meant for single targets only. Genius.

I'm still really looking forward to HotS, though. Does that make me a fan-boy? If so, I don't care.