That was EPIC!

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Man, that was awesome to see! It sucks you couldn't hit the Recall correctly. It could have happened to anyone ... really, it could have ;)

If I'm not mistaken, Sheth was HAPPY when he won. Bad form. Very bad form.

On a more serious note, really enjoyed the HotS play. Would even enjoy it more once everyone becomes a bit more familiar with the new units so that we can see them properly used in strats, though that's going to take some time, naturally. Right now I can only imagine that people will be just throwing them in as a novelty--Tempest Rush!--but that should change with time. Really am looking forward to seeing a few games once that happens.

And LiquidSheth is always a great addition to the show. Hopefully he'll be back!

Finally, just to get the mandatory plea out of the way, once the day comes that Beta keys are being given out from players to other players, I'm completely open to the possibility of receiving one. Really.