• A League Finals and B League Champions

    Season 4 is finally coming to an end!  Thanks to all the companies who’ve helped make this season the largest thus far.  With 50 Starcraft 2 teams and 70 League of Legends teams, we used swiss matchmaking to determine the final brackets after months of season play.

    Our B League season came to a close this past week.  Congratulations are in order to our new B League Champions!  

    • Starcraft 2: Facebook triumphed over Adobe to win $1,000 for Room to Read

    • League of Legends: Google Amber bested Intel to win $1,000 for charity: water

    But our Grand Finals for A League is just around the corner - May 31st will be the day new champions arise!  

    • Starcraft 2: Microsoft returns once again to the finals scene for the third time in four years.  Will newcomer National Instruments be able to end their reign?

    • League of Legends: Amazon returns to the finals, itching to reclaim their throne having relinquished it for a season.  Will Microsoft be able to turn the tables on this veteran team?

    Make sure to watch all the action at Red Bull's viewing page!  The action will start with League of Legends at 11am and Starcraft 2 at 3pm.

    -Emily // delphyr
  • Swiss - the good, the bad, and the weird

    Now that the Swiss portion of AHGL Season 4 has ended, we wanted to share a post-mortem with everyone and get feedback. There will also be an end of season survey like normal, so try and keep discussion to this blog.

    One of our missions at AHGL is to maximize overall fun. This season we reduced two of the biggest fun-blockers: weekly match scheduling and uneven matches.

    Our feedback and observations so far show that the regular season matches were much closer and more fun. This was due to our Adjacent pairing Swiss system, where teams of all skills were mixed into groups and paired with their nearest skill neighbors that they hadn’t yet played. Not only does this system make for more fun games, it also means we don’t have to set an arbitrary A/B league dividing line based on unreliable skill rankings provided by game developers. Instead, the Swiss system will sort teams by actual skill. Great right?

    Mostly, here’s where it gets weird though. We still have to draw an arbitrary line on what’s A vs B league skill at the end of the season. Aye, there’s the rub. 

    If we announce the format of the finals on day 1 and therefore the cutoff between A and B brackets, people will game the system by intentionally forfeiting later matches to ‘make’ B league finals because the expected value of being a top B team is higher than a bottom A team. If we don’t announce the format, most people will guess and develop expectations. Reality is unlikely to meet everyone’s expectations, which leads to disappointment. Sorry if this was you :/

    There’s another problem we found. While Swiss makes for fun games and guarantees you can find the top few teams with relatively few games, you end up with a LOT of teams with roughly even records and no great way to sort them by skill other than running many more matches which are progressively less close and fun*. So now that arbitrary line we draw between A and B will have a few stragglers of teams that should be A and are in B, and vice versa.

    Even with it’s flaws for the playoffs, we think the Swiss format was an improvement. We’d love to make it better though, and are very open to ideas and suggestions. What did you think?

    - The AHGL Team

    *This is true for Adjacent pairing swiss, which starts the season with the closest matches and gets progressively further from even skill matches. Slaughter works in reverse, but as the name indicates it’s less fun...

  • Season 4 Registration Closed

    Thank you to everyone who registered for Season 4 :)  If you haven't already received a registration email from us, then your username does not have a correctly associated email address.  Please update your AHGL username email address and contact support for all previous communications.

    Pre-season games are scheduled for Jan. 19th and 26th.  Matchups will be released as soon as possible!

    Looking forward to a great season!

    -Emily // delphyr

  • Registration Extension

    Hi everyone!

    We apologize for any registration issues you may have encountered yesterday due to our server issues.  To compensate, we are extending registration by one week.  

    Registration will now close on Dec. 20th.  The late registration fee deadline has been pushed back to Dec. 27th.


    -Emily // delphyr
  • Rules Updates, Registration Closes Soon!

    Hi all!

    We have a couple clarifications to the rules.


    • Full time military personnel are allowed to compete in the AHGL.  We’re considering service branches different companies (army, navy, etc.).  Permissions still must be obtained to participate.  Reservists are not considered full time personnel.

    • Full time students are not eligible to participate in the AHGL.  We encourage all full time students to participate in the Collegiate Star League (http://www.cstarleague.com/) and contact TeSPA (http://tespa.org/communities/).


    • Employees may not be registered in more than one corporate roster within the same game.  Being registered in two separate games is allowed (e.g. Starcraft 2 and League of Legends)

    • For Mid-season roster change, swapping employees between corporate rosters is limited to at most 2 employees per team.  There is no restriction to new employees that were not previously participants in the AHGL Season.

    Friendly reminder that registration for Season 4 closes next Friday, December 13th.


    -Emily // delphyr