Day[9]TV Dailies

  • Mostly Walking - Gemini Rue #4

    Azriel Odin is currently en route to Delta Six's facility! But is Delta Six actually there? Sean Bouchard posits that we might not be playing two concurrent timelines, but rather two people at different times whoooooaah. Will Sean be right? ...
  • Mostly Walking - Gemini Rue #3

    Azriel is making massive progress! Delta 6 seems stuck in the ruts. Regardless, Bill, Sean and Sean shall continue this extremely well made adventure game
  • Mostly Walking - Gemini Rue #2

    I'm absolutely loving this game and so are the boys! Thusly, we continue our PnC adventure timin as both cop and mysterious maintenance man with gun.
  • MTG:Arena - M19 Drafts (sponsored)

    I've been watching a gooda mount of Ben Stark (from Channel Fireball!) and I think I'm improving at my drafting abilities. My goal will be to 7-x at least one quick draft today :).