Day[9]TV Dailies

  • Day[9] Daily #531 - SKT1.Rain's PvZ - warp prism + speedlot!

    Continuing the theme of showing people how to DESTROY ZERG this week, we'll be looking at STK1_Rain and his lovely PvZ style. In it, we see how he deflects mid-game pressure, and then kicks into high gear LONG before brood ...
  • Day[9] Daily #505 - Stephano vs Taeja from DreamHack

    In this stupidly epic game, we're primarily going to focus on the idea of mid and late game compositions. As units die, its important that we replenish them in the right order. For instance, if your army dies, do you ...
  • Day[9] Daily #497 - Swarm Host in ZvT Heart of the Swarm!

    Following on our most recent Swarm Host episode, we're going to be examining the swarm host in ZvT! We'll see how we can do space control, consistent slow pushes vs Terran in the midgame, and also issues of dealing w/ ...
  • Day[9] Daily #478 – LiquidTaeja TvT games!

    In this daily, we analyze a game between Taeja and Tree. The Tank lines in TvT show what expansions are covered and where our reinforcement line is. We also see the effectiveness of drops and how they creates "islands" of ...
  • Day[9] Daily #476 – ZvP Mutalisk Transitioning

    In this daily, Day[9] looks at Ret’s very well executed Mutalisk play in the Zerg versus Protoss matchup. Day[9] also discusses the general idea of transitions and why it can causes a lot of problems in standard gameplay.
  • Day[9] Daily #475 – Warp Prism PvT style!

    In this daily, we're going look at something I talk about all the time: finding problems and asking questions! So, in this daily, we're going to be examining some questions Protoss buddies have in PvT, more specifically:
  • Day[9] Daily #474 – LiquidHerO vs mouzMaNa – Neat PvP

    In today’s wonderful PvP matchup, we get the chance to examine some neato Phoenix vs Blink Stalker play and talk about them big problems in the Mid-game! More specifically, I like to talk about what to focus on AFTER both ...
  • Day[9] Daily #473 – Nerchio vs BratOK - I'm back!

    I've been gone for a long time, just taking some time off. But now I'm back, and we're going to get right down into it! Ever since the update with the Queen buff, a lot of the match ups with ...
  • Day[9] Daily #472 – Stephano’s fast max ZvP

    Day[9] demonstrates a complete ‘how-to’ in regards to Stephano’s 11 minute Roach/Ling max. He continues by looking at proper execution in the early game, common issues, and how one might successfully transition into Infestor or Brood Lord tech in late ...
  • Day[9] Daily #470 – Bomber's TvP Revolution!

    Day[9] evaluates Bomber’s macro-based strategy in the Terran versus Protoss matchup. Day[9] looks at Bomber’s old style, compares it to his new, economically optimized style, and identifies several potential problems that may arise with his new build.
  • Day[9] Daily #469 – ToD vs Parting: Amazing PvP

    Day[9] explores the possibilities in mid and late game Protoss versus Protoss match-ups by analyzing a Phoenix-based opening by ToD and an easy-to-duplicate fast expand 3-gate-robo from Parting. Both of these matches lead to very interesting mid and late games.
  • Day[9] Daily #468 – Huk and Sase Fantastic PvT Openings

    Day[9] focuses on Protoss decision making by evaluating two games by SaSe and HuK. In the first game, Day[9] emphasizes SaSe’s timings, probe management, scouting, and transitions versus Terran. In the second game, Day[9] focuses on HuK’s decision to focus ...
  • Day[9] Daily #465 – Low Econ TvT

    In today's daily, we look at a very DENSE game between SeleCT vs aLive. We see a proxy, which makes the game very crazy where both players aren't exactly sure whether or not they have an edge or not. In ...
  • Day[9] Daily #464 – Mass Queen vs Mech ZvT

    Day[9] looks at the newly increased Queen range and all of the new possibilities such a change lends Zerg players in matches against Terran players who focus on mech play.
  • Day[9] Daily #458 – Current PvT Part 1: The Midgame

    In this Daily, Day[9] shows the Terran perspective in the Terran versus Protoss matchup as he examines the midgame. He analyzes the Protoss weaknesses and demonstrates how to use them to reach an advantageous position.
  • Day[9] Daily #452 – DeMusliM vs NesTea – Mech TvZ

    In this daily, we're going to take a look at a famous match from the MLG Winter Arena between DeMusliM and NesTea and, more specifically, we're going to break down DeMusliM's mech TvZ style and show why it's so awesome!
  • Day[9] Daily #451 – EU Funday Monday: Planetary Offensive

    In this Funday Monday, Day[9] casts a number of fun games where planetary fortresses are used for mega-offensive attacks. This episode is filled with lots of fun stories!
  • Day[9] Daily #445 – LastShadow's TvP 6rax Opening

    Day[9] explains LastShadow's TvP opening, which is based on a 6 Rax, early Marine push during the early stages of the game followed by a bio based midgame.
  • Day[9] Daily #443 – LiquidSheth vs MStephano

    In this Daily, I take a look at the ZvZ matchup and I show you guys how we can get past the crazy all-ins we see in the early game and get into some very interesting mid and late game ...
  • Day[9] Daily #436 – PvZ 3 Base and Long Term Play!

    Day[9] goes over a build that allows Protoss to obtain a quick third while being able to harass the Zerg opponent. It involves a forge FE into +1 Sentrys followed by a Robo and 4 Gates, +2 blink Stalkers for ...
  • Stardew Valley Multiplayer w/ Soaryn! Day 4

    The biggest thing in our lives right now is the completion of this greenhouse. Then we shall grow infinitely in power, excellence, and farming prowess.

  • Hearthstone Laddering - Overload Shaman, Mill Druid & More!

    Now that the meta is a more comfortable, less opressive beast, I can't wait to retry overload shaman (using Kibler's new and improved list) and experimenting with the Togwaggle Druid I've seen Savjz streaming!

  • Day[9] Learns Dota - Completing Calibration

    I'm but a few more games away from callibrating, and I know that Purge is easily lifting my MMR by a good 1k, so lets see if we can ride his coat-tails all the way to ancient!

  • Mostly Walking

    We are back with a new game, hopefully that will be a long term playthrough!

  • MTG Arena - Dominaria Drafts (sponsored)

    Guess WHAT! I'm going to be doing regular streams of MTG:A going forward as they are adding MASSIVE amounts of additional game modes I love dearly, especially the most excellent drafts :)