Day[9]TV Dailies

  • Day[9] Daily #516 - TLO innovates Zerg AGAIN

    TLO is well known for his creativity. See how he used this to much success at the ASUS ROG tournament! Perhaps most importantly of all, we're going to show TLO's secret "easy trick" to destroying the oh-so-common immortal+sentry+warp prism push!
  • Day[9] Daily #461 – White-rA vs LiquidTLO!

    In this daily, Day[9] lets his audience choose which games are looked at. By viewer choice, he investigates two crazy games from a friendly best of 7 showmatch between White-Ra and TheLittleOne.
  • Day[9] Daily #417 – LiquidTheLittleOne ZvT Craziness

    Day[9] explores TheLittleOne's crazy style while pointing out that even a crazy game is 90% the same as every other game. Day[9] then introduces 3 rules to live by in crazy game:
  • Day[9] Daily #305 – ZOMG I’m Back!

    [NO THUMBNAIL] Day[9] presents the idea of "convergence points," a phenomenon wherein Terran players often arrive at the same set of structures with different builds. He explains the importance of using convergence points to get back on track if you ...
  • Day[9] Daily #279 – Hasuobs vs TLO PvT

    Day[9] looks at playing standard, focusing on a HasuObs PvT. He looks at most standard builds from early game, through the transitions, and ending in late game with max army.
  • Day[9] Daily #233 – TLO vs WhiteRa

    Day[9] suggests that while it is good to focus on the fundamentals of StarCraft, it is sometimes fun to sit back and watch a zany crazy game! In this Daily, he looks at a base for decision-making when everything else ...
  • Day[9] Daily #219 – Friendday Wednesday with TLO

    Day[9] and TheLittleOne analyze a game where TLO puts on early pressure with Roaches and Banelings and then takes it to the late game. They particularly focus on TLOs in-game decision-making and his thoughts during the game. This is a ...
  • Day[9] Daily #162 – Brat_OK vs TheLittleOne TvZ on Delta Quadrant

    For this daily, Day[9] takes a close look at an epic TvZ struggle between BratOK and TheLittleOne. We'll take a look at some of the decisions the players make, and we'll even talk about timing pushes, and the capabilities of ...
  • Day[9] Daily #154 – White-Ra vs TLO – Late Game Protoss Aggression

    Day[9] talks about the beta 0.20 patch updates. Then, he looks at some PvT games played between TheLittleOne and White-Ra in which he specifically examines Protoss Gateway timings. Day[9] focuses on “chunking” in this episode: what the player should be ...
  • Day[9] Daily #131 – TheLittleOne on Air Interview

    Day[9] invites special guest TheLittleOne to be on the show, because the beta has just been shut down. Day[9] and the TheLittleOne discuss ways to deal with mech and how to think like Zerg.
  • Day[9] Daily #118 – TheLittleOne’s TvZ Style

    Day[9] explores a play style from TheLittleOne in the TvZ matchup that focuses on harassment. TheLittleOne opens with Marines and Helions which provide some defense while at the same time allowing penetration into the Zerg base to force units and ...
  • Day[9] Daily #104 – Diehilde’s ZvZ #1

    Day[9] takes a look at a replay pack from Diehilde. He then analyzes Diehilde's build for a Roach early game, transitioning into a Mutalisk-focused mid-game.
  • Day[9] Daily #91 – TheLittleOne vs DeMuslim PvT @ Metalopolis

    Day[9] goes over an interesting game in which Protoss opens with a Prism and a Colossus and harasses with Colossi drops. This is eventually followed by a Zealot-heavy army with Colossus Prism and Templar for support against a Marauder-heavy composition.
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms (sponsored)

    SEGA has sponsored me to play Total War: Three Kingdoms on launch day! It's a turn-based strategy real-time tactics video game developed by Creative Assembly and is the 12th entry in the Total War series.

  • Mostly Walking - TBA


  • MTGA - Friday Laddering

    Happy Friday! It's a good day to grind :)

  • Minion Masters (sponsored)

    BetaDwarf has sponsored me to play Minion Masters as it now reaches version 1.0 and leaves early access. Minion Masters is a fast-paced free-to-play online minion battle game for PC and Xbox. Players choose a Master, build decks from hundreds ...

  • MTGA - Tryhard Tuesday

    Playing top decks, making top plays

  • MTGA - Wednesday Standard

    Continuing to explore and experiment with different top decks

  • What the Deck w/ Brian Kiber | Ep 3: Big Creatures vs Big Spells

    Each week, we'll play outlandish decks against our guest. Submit decks for us to play that fit into our weekly theme here: in #deck-submissions

  • PC Gaming Show 2019 at E3

    (From With less than a month to go before E3, here are some of the other folks who will be taking the stage in Los Angeles for PC Gaming Show 2019: