Day[9]TV Dailies

  • Lets Learn StarCraft - ZvT Getting to Midgame & ZvT Late Game Tactics

    We'll be doing a 2 part video examining the art of pressuring & defending pressure in early game and in late game! LLSC #27 LLSC #28
  • Lets Learn StarCraft - Zerg Openings v Terran, Terran Openings v Zerg

    We'll look at a couple of ways to start the matchup off as both Terran and Zerg! LLSC #23 LLSC #24
  • Lets Learn StarCraft - ZvT Core Strategy

    We'll learn about the CORE strategy of ZvT and look at some games that are excellent representations! Let's Learn StarCraft #21 - ZvT Core Strategy
  • Lets Learn Starcraft - Meet Hero, Zerg ASL Finalist

    Hero is a current tip top Zerg player who continues to surprise with his incredible runs in ASL and now he must face flash! Before the big final match this weekend, lets meet him :)
  • Lets Learn Starcraft - Movie vs Shine ZvP Analysis

    Another series from the EVER OSL. This time, ZvP! Let's Learn StarCraft #14: Movie vs Shine ZvP Analysis
  • Let's Learn Starcraft - Flash vs Shine 2012 Tving Quarterfinals

    We'll analyze the basics of the ZvT matchup w/ a game between Jaedong and Innovation, followed by an examination of the Flash vs Shine series!
  • Lets Learn Starcraft - Overview of Zerg, Terran, and Protoss Units

    We'll be looking at every unit from each race to discuss their strengths, weaknesses, and which ones are important in each matchup. Part 5 Part 6
  • Day[9] Daily #737 - Life vs MMA

    We conclude the 4 part series detailing Life's road to win Blizzcon with his final match against MMA! Though this series might be considered relatively "cheesy" and "banelingish," the match showcases how Life is one of the few Zergs to ...
  • Day[9] Daily #736 - Life vs Taeja

    One of the best TvZ series of the entire year MUST be analyzed! Life went proxy hatch in 2 of the 5 games! Successfully! Whaaaat? Also, Taeja is an absolute monster at answering and responding under incredible pressure whaaat!
  • Day[9] Daily #735 - Life vs San

    This daily might be a bit short as Life PUMMELED San into the ground at WCS, but we'll include some extra for-fun matches because I love this shtuff so much :).
  • Day[9] Daily #733 - Bomber vs Jaedong

    Tonight, we're going to look at every game from the very first series in the Ro16, Bomber vs Jaedong! Both players are known for playing their own style. Bomber uses extremely unorthodox openings and favors an almost pure bio force ...
  • Day[9] Daily #731 - soO vs Innovation

    INNOVATION WON A THING! And soO didn't again... which though tragic did help provide us with a fantastic Bo7 series to learn from. We'll take a look at how soO was able to take some games from the man himself ...
  • Day[9] Daily #730 - soO vs Zest, ROUND 2

    These two superstars played yet ANOTHER Bo7 (they played last GSL final) in the most recent GSL semifinal! I wanted to give soO a little more air time given that he seems to keep getting 2nd and that stinkers. I'll ...
  • Day[9] Daily #728 - FLASH vs SNUTE!

    Another amazing series from IEM Toronto deserves some review. We'll see Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  • Day[9] Daily #727 - Starbow ZvP Analysis!

    Starbow has built an incredibly robust and interesting competitive experience that's rather similar to BW/SC2. Therefore, I wanted to take the time to check the game out and use the same analysis tools we use in a normal daily, but ...
  • Day[9] Daily #724 - soO's GSL ZvP

    We'll be taking yet another look at soO's incredible ability to continually beat top Protosses in the GSL. He may have fallen short to Classic, but his fast lair techs are increasingly becoming a norm strategy.
  • Day[9] Daily #713 - Soulkey's GSL Run

    I'm thoroughly enjoying these GSL Run episodes! In today's show, we'll look at Soulkey pull some very tough wins in two ZvP series vs Yonghwa and sOs! I'll add more details the day of the broadcast, but we'll be looking ...
  • Day[9] Daily #705 - Snute vs Bling - More Anti-SwarmHost play!

    Bling and Snute played a gorgeous, beautiful game that demonstrates both how to go swarm host and great ways to defeat it! We'll largely look at things from BlinG's point of view and examine
  • Day[9] Daily #704 - Life vs Impact

    In these DreamHack Bucharest Grand Final replays, we get the chance to see ST_Life do some amazingly sexy builds to crush Impact in a best of 5. We'll see
  • Day[9] Daily #703 - Life vs Innovation

    This best of 3 from the DreamHack Bucharest semifinal provides a wonderful educational example of how both Terran and Zerg adjust differently according to the read on their opponent! What we'll see in this episode is
  • Sea of Thieves FIRST LOOK!

    I haven't played this game or even watched much gameplay, so I'm gonna take a first look! Come join me ye scurvey dogs and lets see what Rare's been up to.

  • Day[9] Learns Dota - Purge is back!

    Welcome back you fancy man! Purge will be updating me on the precise meta choices in order to top ranker the ladder life

  • Hearthstone Laddering

    Continued attempts to push to legend!