Day[9]TV Dailies

  • StarCraft 20 Year Anniversary Stream Day 2

    Hosted by Sean “Day[9”] Plott, Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson, Nick “Tasteless” Plott, and Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski, the SC20 Anniversary Stream will take us on a journey encompassing stories of days past, the competitions of the present, and our hopes for the ...
  • StarCraft 20 Year Anniversary Stream Day 1

    Hosted by Sean “Day[9”] Plott, Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson, Nick “Tasteless” Plott, and Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski, the SC20 Anniversary Stream will take us on a journey encompassing stories of days past, the competitions of the present, and our hopes for the ...
  • Day[9] Daily #562 - HuK vs Sting PvT

    Today we'll look at a couple nifty games between HuK and Sting, particularly how to deal with widow mine drop openings (and a whole other slew of stuff that Terran can hurl at us!)
  • Day[9] Daily #470 – Bomber's TvP Revolution!

    Day[9] evaluates Bomber’s macro-based strategy in the Terran versus Protoss matchup. Day[9] looks at Bomber’s old style, compares it to his new, economically optimized style, and identifies several potential problems that may arise with his new build.
  • Day[9] Daily #468 – Huk and Sase Fantastic PvT Openings

    Day[9] focuses on Protoss decision making by evaluating two games by SaSe and HuK. In the first game, Day[9] emphasizes SaSe’s timings, probe management, scouting, and transitions versus Terran. In the second game, Day[9] focuses on HuK’s decision to focus ...
  • Day[9] Daily #439 – HuK's PvP DT Play

    Day[9] analyzes HuK's 7-minute DT play in the PvP matchup. He discusses how to use DTs to help both give an edge and transition into a late-game, high-tech army. Ultimately, Day[9] shows that HuK's DTs are used more for defense ...
  • Day[9] Daily #376 – ZvP - Idra vs Huk: Starving Your Opponent

    [NO THUMBNAIL] Day[9] analyzes a unique strategy used by IdrA in a Zerg versus Protoss game against HuK. Day[9] analyzes IdrA’s anaconda-like approach as he contains and starves his opponent.
  • Day[9] Daily #373 – PvP 3 Gate Robo Variations

    Day[9] focuses on different variations of the 3 gate robo build the the Protoss versus Protoss match-up. Day[9] explains how to stay alive before your 3 Gateways and Robotics Facility are active, guides the audience through various executions of this ...
  • Day[9] Daily #370 – Huk vs Aria

    There’s been quite the buzz about the player Aria. He seems to play a very aggressive style with extremely crisp mechanics. His reaction time is absurd and his general use of compositions is somewhat unusual. With so much excitement in ...
  • Day[9] Daily #350 – HuK vs Rain PvT

    This episode features an incredible game between HuK and Rain. Day[9] returns to basics by providing general insight into both players’ builds, Unit mixes, and Unit positioning.
  • Day[9] Daily #317 – Terran Week: How Did I Lose?

    [NO THUMBNAIL] In this episode, Day[9] teaches how to analyze a loss as a Terran player and how to make improvements based on what is seen in a replay.
  • Day[9] Daily #282 – Hardcore TvP Analysis Part 2

    PvT Matchups, Part Two of Three. Day[9] focuses on the Terran point of view, and suggests that if the Unit composition is more Sentry-based, the player can expect either tech or an expansion. If the army is composed primarily of ...
  • Day[9] Daily #281 – Hardcore TvP Analysis Part 1

    [NO THUMBNAIL] In this first part of a 3 part analysis of the PvT match-up, Day[9] looks at very specific timings of the Protoss player and what the Terran player can do to take advantage of them. By looking at ...
  • Day[9] Daily #271 – TSLAlive vs Huk!

    Day[9] shows a game between Alive and HuK and discusses key decisions which determine the match outcome. He also shows some steps in a build order, and emphasizes that players should not just follow the supply count, as a supply ...
  • Day[9] Daily #262 – Huk vs qxc

    Day[9] casts and does some deep analysis on a PvT game featuring HuK and qxc. He focuses on the builds that each player brings to the field, but more specifically analyzes the Protoss build and how the 3 Gate Robotic ...
  • Day[9] Daily #239 – Choose Your Own Adventure: HuK vs NesTea ZvP

    Day[9] uses a live voting system to create a 'choose your own adventure' for the live audience. As a result, he analyzes a ZvP late game between HuK and NesTea involving lots of Mutalisk harass and shows the Protoss' counterattack ...
  • Day[9] Daily #230 – HuK vs Junwi

    Day[9] takes a look at an incredible game between HuK and Junwai. The lesson: never give up! Part 1 Watch on Blip -You said that the only thing you thought HuK could have done better was to scout the expansions ...
  • Day[9] Daily #199 - Friendday Wednesday with HuK

    Day[9] and HuK analyize a replay HuK played on Metalopolis, showing both good points and issues that need to be worked on. Part 1 Watch on Blip
  • Day[9] Daily #181 – HuK Winning Some PvT

    Day[9] discusses a tactic used by HuK involving a fast observer so that the player can see what his opponent is doing and adjust his game play. HuK opens with a 2 gate and a Robotics Facility which allows him ...
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms (sponsored)

    SEGA has sponsored me to play Total War: Three Kingdoms on launch day! It's a turn-based strategy real-time tactics video game developed by Creative Assembly and is the 12th entry in the Total War series.

  • Mostly Walking - TBA


  • MTGA - Friday Laddering

    Happy Friday! It's a good day to grind :)

  • Minion Masters (sponsored)

    BetaDwarf has sponsored me to play Minion Masters as it now reaches version 1.0 and leaves early access. Minion Masters is a fast-paced free-to-play online minion battle game for PC and Xbox. Players choose a Master, build decks from hundreds ...

  • MTGA - Tryhard Tuesday

    Playing top decks, making top plays

  • MTGA - Wednesday Standard

    Continuing to explore and experiment with different top decks

  • What the Deck w/ Brian Kiber | Ep 3: Big Creatures vs Big Spells

    Each week, we'll play outlandish decks against our guest. Submit decks for us to play that fit into our weekly theme here: in #deck-submissions

  • PC Gaming Show 2019 at E3

    (From With less than a month to go before E3, here are some of the other folks who will be taking the stage in Los Angeles for PC Gaming Show 2019: