Day[9]TV Dailies

  • A Day of Wild Laddering

    Shadowpriest basically, but also any kind of combo deck I can imagine to have fun in the WILD LADDER REALM YEAH! Shadow Priest Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  • Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #202 - Kibler Reno Shadowpriest

    Believe it or not, I'm still playing Shadowpriest. Today, I'll be giving Kibler's Renolist a shot! It's awesome and runs TWO COPIES of shadowform! It also has a number of my favorite Inspire cards - Garrison Commander, Kodorider, Tournament Medic ...
  • Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #186 - Tournament Medic Shadowpriest

    My all time favorite deck is the Shadowpriest. The value one can get out of it is insane, and often games are won in fatigue (hooray fatigue!) With the new Entomb card, this becomes even more viable and appealing. Unfortunately, ...
  • Mostly Walking - Riven Day 5

    We are SO close to cracking the final set o' nuts. We have entered the world of Riven, we've read some backstory, and now it's time to save several worlds!

  • Day[9]'s Day Off - The Outer Worlds

    I've been waiting for this for AGES, as have many o' you! We're going to kick things off extra early this Friday since I have evening obligations :)

  • MTGA - Post Ban Laddering

    Field of the Dead is BANNED! I can't wait to try out my various ideas on the ladder :)

  • What the Deck w/ Brian Kibler | Ep 11: Cats vs Dogs

    Each week, we'll play outlandish decks against our guest. Submit decks for us to play that fit into our weekly theme here: in #deck-submissions