Day[9]TV Dailies

  • Day[9] Daily #724 - soO's GSL ZvP

    We'll be taking yet another look at soO's incredible ability to continually beat top Protosses in the GSL. He may have fallen short to Classic, but his fast lair techs are increasingly becoming a norm strategy.
  • Day[9] Daily #471 – Nydus/Raven in TvZ

    Today, we look at a super crazy game between Bomber and Ostojiy form the Red Bull Battlegrounds: Austin. We see every Unit that Terran and Zerg have to offer, with the exception of the Hydralisk. It's 55 minutes of non-stop ...
  • Day[9] Daily #435 – Stephano vs Polt ZvT

    Day[9] focuses on preparing for the late-game by explaining the importance of always focusing on the next part of the game. He reminds the viewer to continue asking how the NOW affects the next stage in the game.
  • Day[9] Daily #288 – Funday Monday: Zerg Tier Tears

    No Roaches, no Hydras, no Mutas, no Banelings - only 12 Zerglings all game! Fun Zerg play focused on late game tech & Units ensues. Part 1 Watch on Blip
  • Day[9] Daily #249 – KiwiKaki vs XlorD

    This Daily was inspired by KiWiKaKi, who was talking to Day[9] and said, "Do you want a cool game, dude?" Day[9] offers some general analysis of that game, some wonderful tidbits of wisdom, and demonstrates how a standard game can ...
  • Day[9] Daily #173 – Two (very diferent) ZvP games

    Day[9] looks at two unorthodox ZvP's. In the first, Check and HongUn demonstrate the importance of understanding how to play to the map rather than using the same strategy regardless of the map. Day[9] then uses his extra time to ...
  • Day[9] Daily #159 – OgreEli vs XLord ZvP on Xel Naga Caverns

    Day[9] analyzes a game on a new map to the ladder pool, exploring how to expand and how to both defend those expansions, as well as attack the enemy expansions.
  • Day[9] Daily #157 – A Long, Insane, TvZ

    Day[9] highlights the first draw (a ZvT game) in the professional scene. Day[9] focuses on engagements, positioning, strategic decisions, and transitions.
  • Day[9] Daily #152 – Jinro vs LaLuSh: Epic TvZ

    Day[9] reviews Jinro's early Starport/Viking play with a transition into mech. In addition, Day[9] talks about the importance of creep and Zerg mobility, especially when the Terran player transitions into mech.
  • Day[9] Daily #146 – Gold Level 2v2 Analysis

    Day[9] analyzes a gold 2v2 play with discussing a strategy that relies on surprising an opponent as well as map awareness. In this game, he encourages players to execute early timing attacks rather than the typical gold 2v2 turtling/macro strategy.
  • Day[9] Daily #140 – Artosis Part 1: Recovering from Early Pressure

    Day[9] focuses on recovering from early game pushes as Zerg. He explores early game strategy, mechanics and transitions, unit mix, upgrades, and positioning, as well as Artosis-style Zerg gameplay.
  • Day[9] Daily #136 – Brat_OK Part 2: The TvZ Special

    Day[9] focuses on TvZ game with a 1-1-1 build from Terran that eventually transitions to a heavy bio Medvac playstyle while Zerg attempts a Mutalisk Baneling sling. The viewer learns how to engage a Baneling by splitting bio balls and ...
  • Day[9] Daily #131 – TheLittleOne on Air Interview

    Day[9] invites special guest TheLittleOne to be on the show, because the beta has just been shut down. Day[9] and the TheLittleOne discuss ways to deal with mech and how to think like Zerg.
  • Day[9] Daily #83 – TvZ Midgame and Opening

    Day[9] focuses on the TvZ matchup during the SC2 beta. He meticulously goes over early game build orders for Zerg and gives a good idea on how a player can adjust and tighten his own builds, what specific small details ...
  • Day[9] Daily #75 – Jaedong vs Stork @ Match Point

    Day[9] takes a look at how to squeeze extra uses out of your units and how to make your units work overtime. Part 1
  • MTGA - Tryhard Tuesday

    I'll likely be continuing my drafting and doing SOME constructed becuase I need Big Chandra in my life :)

  • Day[9] Learns Dota - The Return

    After what seems like an eternity of not playing with Kevin, I'm FINALLY BACK! I fully expect him to catch me up on the meta, how to play, how to succeed, how to not throw, and what the right items ...

  • Mostly Walking - Sam & Max Hit The Road Day 2

    We FINALLY return for a single episode of Mostly Walking now that i'm back from Hong Kong!

  • MTGA - M20 Fun Deck Brewing

    After a few days of collection building, I'm excited to actually construct some of the neato ideas that have been lurking in my brain whilest in Hong Kong!