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Page number displays seren 0 Page number displays by seren
Long Post Titles Saucy 5 By design by ntucker
Clicking post in notices should take you to your post ErnieBaby 1 I left this here for humor's sake.... by ErnieBaby
Boxee App? amigocesar 1 We did not make nor authorize such an app by ntucker
Just an idea (includes a pretty please) Riuna 0 Just an idea (includes a pretty please) by Riuna
Live feed help 14Gills 2 I think there's an iOS app for Twitch by ntucker
Email notifications jonathanwolf1993 4 Sorry about this by ntucker
Just an idea concerning the search function Riuna 3 Fixed that usability issue by ntucker
Mix Tape! Aseckel 1 Copyrights by seren
Clciking on Name Gets Me to Wrong Profile seren 1 Thanks for the report! by ntucker
Non-full screen menu seren 1 This menu is for phones by ntucker
There seems to be something wrong Riuna 7 Perfect by Riuna
Daily but with replay. Rik 2 I think he wants the day[9] stream to have more stuff! by Fairgrim
Marketing DVDs and Providing DVD content to venues dowjin 5 Thats true, but... by dowjin
Casting for other games? cyentist 0 Casting for other games? by cyentist
videos go green cyrion 2 thanks by cyrion
Merch Idea: Hat gorship 0 Merch Idea: Hat by gorship
[W] 3 Things seren 5 OFC by Riuna
[W] [Bug] Respond bug on Chrome jacek.tomczyk 1 Fixed. by jacek.tomczyk
Good Sire Day[9] mikolaj.switalski 6 Yup :) by LordMatsu