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[D] Suggestion for "Is the show over?" BorgLeader 9 That's indeed why they came up with those overlays! by Kitty4Cat
Profile Image efoxx25 10 Double w00t! by efoxx25
[D] To stop the "why don't you play anymore" questions Vondow 1 What I can't work out by BorgLeader
[D] [W] Search in Archive doesn't pick up Hearthstone Decktaculars mongoose22 1 Seems similar to the problem with the Day Offs by SteppeLively
[W] [W] Bug: Missing day-off entries nansa 1 Thanks for catching this! by SteppeLively
[D] Why I enjoy hearthstone daily thrawn1324 3 Now I'm not saying, but ya know, just sayin... by thrawn1324
[W] Problem with the pages at the bottom Kitty4Cat 2 Sent you an email by Kitty4Cat
[W] Problem with the pages at the bottom Kitty4Cat 0 Problem with the pages at the bottom by Kitty4Cat
[D] Save peoples' wrists! Mopbucket 5 Korean desk heights by Instinct
[D] DAY9, I Wantz To Helpz ny4rlathotep 1 yeah by ny4rlathotep
[W] Blog response creates a new blog entry? Kai.Herbertz 1 Definitely a bug.... by SteppeLively
[W] [W] message functionality Cadwah 2 Yes by ZeroSigma
[D] [D] A big concern I have with the HS Daily GMFaustus 5 Agreed, partially by Omega068
[W] Remvoing twitchstream info on the profile also removes youtube info Kai.Herbertz 1 Absolutely noted! by SteppeLively
[D] [D] Hearth Stone Decktacular Suggestion Mr.Derez 1 Interesting Perspective by SteppeLively
[D] The Large Mini Map HankManly 0 The Large Mini Map by HankManly
[D] YouTube feed not updating runtimelogic 2 Yay! Looks good now. by runtimelogic
[W] Editing seems to create a new post Kai.Herbertz 1 We're absolutely working on this by SteppeLively
[D] BAck To Basics on Tuesday flapensfan66 0 BAck To Basics on Tuesday by flapensfan66
[D] [W] [D][W] Links to the replays used in Day[9]Daily kelpuutettu 0 [D][W] Links to the replays used in Day[9]Daily by kelpuutettu