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Universe at War Purified01 0 Universe at War by Purified01
SCFL VinTAgEcraft 0 SCFL by VinTAgEcraft
The Mass Effect Series krisna.siv 2 Well... by krisna.siv
Nightmare House 2 Camshaft 0 Nightmare House 2 by Camshaft
School Days Embryous 1 One of the most brutal Visual Novels ever by LordMatsu
The original Resident Evil or Silent Hill for fright week Rade 0 The original Resident Evil or Silent Hill for fright week by Rade
Color with Dora Nabob 7 OMG by Riuna
SCP-087-b: Scary game for Halloween hikomarukun 3 SCP-087-b by hikomarukun
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl christopher.lam.794 3 If you just want to suggest a game, post here by ntucker
Amnesia: The Dark Descent ntucker 9 I can't do it by gerdro
Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and Persona LordMatsu 14 New releases by LordMatsu
Vessel, yet another puzzle sidescroller game, but a very noice one Vilevader 2 this tile thing is weird... by Vilevader
DOTA 2 INVITES mattaman 0 DOTA 2 INVITES by mattaman
Rusted Warfare (an Android RTS) lukeph 6 Full version by lukeph
HALO 4 Hivetyrant36 4 It's not as bad as it seems by Hydranockz
Ib jpnZenros 0 Ib by jpnZenros
L. A. Noire Riuna 2 love by itsbecca