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Dota 2 vs Heroes of the Storm cshoemaker 0 Dota 2 vs Heroes of the Storm by cshoemaker
Looking for DayKnights indie game devs, I want to make music for you ! djnial 2 Ho! by djnial
Did Artillery Games go under? Jammrock 4 No free lunches by Jarnatan
Day9 should really be a general let's player conastatu 2 Don't forget that Decktacular is a daily thing by Jarnatan
Thanks Sean! zach-mcconnell 1 Agreed! by joshy-palverde
TwitchCon 2016 Information cohLysion 0 TwitchCon 2016 Information by cohLysion
Concept Artists and Modelers cohLysion 0 Concept Artists and Modelers by cohLysion
Reccomendation for next Mostly Walking game. Natusake 0 Reccomendation for next Mostly Walking game. by Natusake
Officially Official Day9 Spotify Playlist 1opinionated 1 Thank You by luke.denny.73
Sean / Day9 / whatever u call urself... michaelccook 5 Okay, buddy. by 1opinionated
Day[9] not part of Artillery? gray.timothyjames 1 Nothing new since the announcement 2 weeks ago by Kai.Herbertz
Large Weekend-long LAN party in Waterloo, ON! travis.willard.96 2 Hmm not sure  by travis.willard.96
DayWut emote concept I_took_a_mint 2 This reminds me of... by BorgLeader
Curse vs. Discord (re: Twitch Announcement) cohLysion 1 Discord FTW by bronzeager
New content inquiry! Day9 78 Dota? by Vokasak
Sean Plott - Worlds Greatest Dad Esgetn2hoT 0 Sean Plott - Worlds Greatest Dad by Esgetn2hoT
A DayKnight needs your help. BrassRaven 1 Thank you so much already! by BrassRaven
Trying to find a specific Episode artur-coelho-satuf-rezende 3 Ah, so it was a fairly recent one. Hopefully someone will remember. by Kai.Herbertz
Pen&Paper FATE Arne 0 Pen&Paper FATE by Arne
*Playlist I have noticed that many of Day9's followers are Introverts Justinian187 6 ok one more.. by tragicsupergirl