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Looking for DayKnights indie game devs, I want to make music for you ! djnial 2 Ho! by djnial
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Story of little timmy song, curious for years Dzeav 0 Story of little timmy song, curious for years by Dzeav
Day[9] playlist Acemond 1 Here is a YouTube playlist by Acemond
Pre-show music - April 8, 2016 (Dark Souls 3 - Day 3) devnulltv 2 Found it!! by devnulltv
Music before the show March 3rd 2016 richardmg9 1 Pre-show song (March 3, 2016) by devnulltv
The DAY9 Music?? Spireblast 2 Thnx by Spireblast
Music help (yet again) Madwarlockii 2 Thank you! by Madwarlockii
Resampling from Mostly Walking: Gemini Rue pt1 gwbeech 2 Sweet! Would love to hear what you can make out of it! by gwbeech
Stuff Sean Likes Day9 114 I need this to be seen by sean by DOOM_guy
Day[9]'s Playlist and Songs of the Day Day9 92 Found a great channel :) by mirrageofhope
Songs Afixis9 91 Why thank you! by BeastlyDayKnight
Music Knight Hangout Jess9000 39 How did this turn out? by Shiro
Day9 music Faroukrulz 1 He music hasn't changed much by LordMatsu
What is your favorite opening track to any album ever? Legionaire679 9 Ever Changing Spectrum of a Lie by Balgrin
Rolling DJ/Music Making thread juusoko 1 Producing DayKnights represent! by plushy
The Day[9] Music Librarium! M15CH13F 37 Song ID needed, or I may go bonkers. by RandomStrategy
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Song for Fans of BSBD jeongsen 2 thanks for the link by jeongsen