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Net Detective RoadHomeGames 2 Thanks! by RoadHomeGames
Trials of Ascension Deifaction 9 I get all that by Omega068
The Stanley Parable LordMatsu 3 You can(not) replay? by shindigs
Tidewater Harvest noProcs 5 Project Update - Art Direction, Mermaids & Sirens by willtate54
Indie Game bluedrop 12 After all... by bluedrop
Getting into game scoring Amusics 3 Thanks by Amusics
AirMech - Action RTS from Carbon Games CarbonJames 4 From the videos by bluedrop
Superhot sebastian-krausch 4 Yeah by bluedrop
Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages ecdryere 2 Love the Controls! by SteppeLively
Candy Box (1 & 2) SteppeLively 6 Six hours of gameplay and I'm still at it.... by bluedrop
Indie Game Developers in South of England Eamonn 3 Interesting by Wineblood
Of Light & Shadow MightyMike 2 thank you, by MightyMike
Day[9] Inspired My Game EMcNeill 3 Yes it does look fun :) by bluedrop
Dungeon of Elements - RPG with Dr. Mario/Tetris style combat and more. Frogdice 3 Awesome! Thanks :) by Frogdice
Cook, Serve, Delicious! Omega068 0 Cook, Serve, Delicious! by Omega068
Pros and Cons in Indie Games LordMatsu 5 Great questions by Akanta
Frogatto & Friends - lovingly crafted 2d pixel art platformer marcavisbr 4 Thanks! Feedback feedback follows. by marcavisbr
Galaxy Defender I - Mobile shooter that I made! Denvildaste 0 Galaxy Defender I - Mobile shooter that I made! by Denvildaste
FTL: Battlecruiser mod tokepoke 4 Try it out! by tokepoke
"Indie"/Arcade Game Developer & Tournament stackt.gaming 1 You need to email him by LordMatsu