Starcraft 2 Strategy

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[H] Brand new player looking for a good resource to learn the basic builds EvilCalamari 7 As per usual i'll drop this here: by KarelTheTossMaster
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[G] [H] Pheonix deathball how to do and how to counter ! Bellerofon 11 Okey i agree almost, by Bellerofon
[H] Sc2 Bronze,silver,gold 2v2 fungame phoneix strat Bellerofon 0 Sc2 Bronze,silver,gold 2v2 fungame phoneix strat by Bellerofon
[G] [T] PvP HotS Para199x 4 Yes it is by FudoSHin
[G] [H] [T] hots timmings thread Kurtacus 8 None really by habitualforce
[G] My macro TvZ noMADe 1 3 CCs by 24 supply? Whoa! by Gaizokubanou
[H] Sauron zerg mod, PvZ bronze,silver,gold Bellerofon 1 Thanks to people that have watched! by Bellerofon
[G] [H] How to get 19 win streak in 2v2 for bronze,silver and gold players Bellerofon 4 Yea i know ^^ by Bellerofon
[G] Starcraft School of Pain: Episode 1 TheWolfSage 2 Err... indeed by TheWolfSage
[G] ZvZ Queen Muta Baneling Corrupter Broodlord Earl_of_Nutella 3 Stephano turtle style zvz by cliff.tam
[G] [H] TOss. Gold . LF Protoss advice MusTurd 2 Try, uh, this by reruns
[G] Silver leguer need help ajusting Savior 1 nothing? by tyler.grinstead.7
[G] [T] Balance issues with Terran CourageEagle 20 Vipers by ben-d-cretsinger
[G] Zerg Noob, need training, SEA server masterapiz 1 Top Masters Zerg/Protoss willing to coach or level! by HizMama
[H] Looking for coach. Toss, can't seem to break into silver. GinTaMa 6 server? by Paper
[G] The 5 Obssessions - A mechanism for learning Final 4 straight in, in a separate thread, and then copypasta to this one by Final