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Play with the Pros! LotV Archon Mode w/ROOT SuperNova Bacon_Infinity 2 Play with the Pros by Bacon_Infinity
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Day[9] (and Tasteless) at Blizzcon vexon 0 Day[9] (and Tasteless) at Blizzcon by vexon
The Art of Warfare Clan is Recruiting DayofDreamz 8 Have by DayofDreamz
With WCS Coming up, I figured we needed some hype Cyanide 7 That by BeastlyDayKnight
DKTL Round 2 Signups! GMFaustus 101 This tournament is currently in progress. by GMFaustus
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Can someone help me decide my race once and for all? CPhiTe 10 Not really by Jirio
SC2VN - StarCraft 2 Progaming Visual Novel shindigs 4 to make extra paragraphs by matgopack
Starcraft 2 Montage of Carnage Fairweva 4 Thank you by Fairweva
Rant about stuff! Minkzilla 5 my thoughts exactly by Minkzilla
So when is Day9 going to be a pro player again? RaspberryKraken 18 LoL Not even close by RaspberryKraken
FridayNightFun: 14th June Dizzy 20 Ahh alcohol by jacqui.brough
Monobattles/FFAs: Friday 31st May Dizzy 8 Full capacity fun. by Moomintroll
New to Competitive Starcraft, first question, how do I watch GSL? Cthulhu 4 PCSS usually accompanied by bouts of ALFS + PG/LW by cohLysion
[JWH] 'Joemighty Was Here' recruiting for SC2 JWH-Yuma 4 Starting ladder games and clan competitions by JWH-Yuma
SC2 Launch Event, Looking for my Prize VharStar 6 Contact made! by VharStar
Portland, OR Day[9] Community Interest Thread DarbE 2 Fixed by DarbE
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