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Nathanias and the dramatic GG Terakahn 1 I think it was off-camera by printf
Day[Knight] Showmatches Omega068 37 Schedule for 5th and 6th is up! by Omega068
Short story on the Tal'Darim Saucy 0 Short story on the Tal'Darim by Saucy
Nova Covert Ops preorders up zeek 0 Nova Covert Ops preorders up by zeek
Lotv 19.5 GB!? insane justin-t-todd 0 Lotv 19.5 GB!? insane by justin-t-todd
Flash tribute? Braiman 2 Awesome Idea by Eval
Who's up for a LotV party?? manbon 1 YAYAYAYAYAYAY by Elyzium
DayKnights Clan (DayJ): Introduction and Discussion Kleinschmidt.Jeff 8 Hi! by hwang
The first LotV Mission Omega068 0 The first LotV Mission by Omega068
Day9 Playing the LotV Campaign Adept7777 8 Well there we go! by Adept7777
Working on a sc2 / twitch streaming website joseph-kiernan 1 Whoa, this is awesome! by Adept7777
Pre-orders are live for Legacy of the Void! zeek 6 Prologue missions available for all by zeek
Starcraft II basics for arabs shotgunscii 1 Fantastic :D by mirrageofhope
Scouting with protoss cameron-jensen 2 Every unit can be a scout! by neblime
LOTV New Trailer *hype* Eval 6 I hope by Eval
anyone know of any cool 1 base protoss allins? YourTheWorst 1 pvp on dash and terminal by printf
Macro Mechanics and Game Modes cohLysion 1 I don't like it by printf
Day[9] and SC2 thiago-bianchi 1 Reddit thread, and lots of links by cohLysion
I need a favor! cloudshop 2 Thanks alot zrqkyvx! by cloudshop
How to access Whispers of Oblivion Leonoux 0 How to access Whispers of Oblivion by Leonoux