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Hero of the Zerg SteppeLively 65 agreed by travis.willard.96
Hero of the Terran SteppeLively 38 It doesn't matter how strong the unit is by cyentist
Hero of the Protoss SteppeLively 76 What an end! 156 kills to the Usurper! by SteppeLively
DayKnights Eu Mudkipz 0 DayKnights Eu by Mudkipz
Why? TJAyo 4 make the judgement call yourself by eccentric
How to deal with switching to HotS mangu 3 Just play. A lot. by AquaMarine
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FridayNightFun: 12th July! Dizzy 9 Hmm.. by Silv
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MLG Spring Championship 2013 WHiT3R4bBiT 5 VoDs by seren
New show looking for Volunteer SC2 Players TovarishGaming 26 Is this returning? by AintFunny18
Fastest Max!!!! - Terran SteppeLively 198 When I'm looking at my Replay folder by SteppeLively
FridayNightFun: 14th June Dizzy 20 Ahh alcohol by jacqui.brough
SCII Tourney - Prodigy Cup HoTS LordMatsu 65 so it seems by thehumanstain
HotS Replay-Portal owLing 2 here you got one :) by KarelTheTossMaster
Monobattles/FFAs: Friday 31st May Dizzy 8 Full capacity fun. by Moomintroll
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The Dragoon is back in sc2! Toadie 3 I love the skins by LordMatsu