Cheers to the upcoming sc2 and sc:r dailies.:)

Hi mr. Day. Its good that you changed your youtube channel's name from Hyral Gambit, tho that name was also unique.:) i started playing starcraft 2 for almost a year now and since my 2nd month of playing, i heard that you're one of the great motivators and persona of this blizz universe, and ever since, i been starting to watch  an episode of your broodwar and sc2 daily. I was a saddened by your switch to hearthstone and i now that preparing a vod for starcraft takes hours and you kind of found yourself repeating lessons from your previous dailies, but still i will always be a day9 follower and a dayknight. I'm also thinking about downloading all your starcraft and starcraft 2 dailies but apparently your broodwar dailies are incomplete or rather the streaming site you've downloaded it is down or has been shut off. Hoping you'll come back to producing broodwar remastered daily in the future.:) godbless mr. plott and more power to your crew.:)  Ps. Im grateful that you uploaded your broodwar life in your daily 100. It is very inspiring, and i cant wait to graduate to pursue my esports career.:) and i was just curious why didn't pursue coaching or making your own NA SC2 esports team?:)