This is my first post on the forum..

I do have to declare that my mind was swept away with all the kindness on this chain of posts. I mean I register to these forums, because let's face it Sean is a great man, and the very first post I bump into is this one. Like *pause* Whaaaaatt...? What are the odds of anyone joining a forum and not bumping into a flamethread like right away?

 I very much so agree with the OP on pretty much everything he said. And to him I say thank you aswell. I'm sure any proper individual would be thrilled to hear words like that from another person.

Having communities that have the will - no, the courage to be honestly and forthcomingly genuine and just plain right happy with what they do is still so unfortunately rare, that it needs recognition whenever it can be given. 

Hoping the best. Expecting it also.. And as this is my first post I'll just take the time to say hello everyone :)