Ogre Battle 64

This has to be one of the greatest games of all time.  I think anyone who loves RTS games and RPG games should give this a try.  It's expensive to buy the cart but I'm sure there are plenty of ROMs around.  Or you can buy it on the WII market place.  

The story is great, I love the inner conflict the hero experiences as he strives for the rebellion to prevail while at the same time trying to battle the desire for power.  The overall satisfaction you get from building unique units is great.  Going back to conquered levels and scavenging for items, wild dragons and golems is always a blast too.  For some reason one of my favorite things in the game will always be leveling up the soldiers from squads of three into a fighter, for some reason when i was growing up I thought that was the coolest thing even (and still do).

I've beaten the game three times now but I need to do another playthough but this time I will recruit the whole debonair/saradin crew as well as beat it without any of the ultimate spellbooks (e.g. annihilation).

Anyone else love this game as much as I do?