Race Jumper, anyone else have this problem and kick the habit?

Hi guys,

            I have an interesting dilemma in my SC2 play which has really held me back from improving past a certain point. I simply cannot decide, and then stick to one race. I started playing SC2 way back in beta as Terran, which I played until the game released. At that point I decided to play Zerg and really enjoyed that for quite some time. I took a hiatus from the game for about a year, returning within the last 2 months. Since then I have played Zerg, a bit of Terran, and primarily Protoss.

Originally after returning I wanted to try Protoss because I had very little understanding of their timings / play style. However, now, at this point, I feel I have a good level of understanding for all 3 races and play them all at Gold level. The next step I realize is for me to pick one race and stick with it. In order to continue to improve I need to work on my mechanics of worker / supply etc. The problem is I am having one hell of a time picking a race. When I play a game as Protoss and lose to a Terran I say, "wow I really like that strategy, I should play Terran". Or when I watch the iron squid I see a Zerg strategy and am like, "that is awesome, I want to play zerg again".

I am imploring the community for any help you can provide me in making my decision. I know this is sort of ridiculous, but I am driving myself insane. I truly want to pick one race and be content with it, but I keep going back and forth. I should mention, I am in the HOTS beta, however, I have not played it yet. I have been catching back up into the game by going back to vanilla Sc2. I am trying to take HOTS into consideration as well when I think about choosing my race, which, as you can imagine makes things more difficult.

The one game play aspect that I have really been looking for is options throughout the game. I really want to be able to put on pressure early game, mid game, late, etc. For Zerg I have never particularly liked their early game pressure options. For Protoss, I thought I liked their early game pressure, however, the more I have learned about them the more I realize they definitely are more mid game pressure focused. Finally, Terran, which seems to provide the widest variety of early game pressures and transitions. I feel I am currently leaning towards Terran because of this, however, I still can't decide xD

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!