Gaming night :D

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Howdy everyone!!! :D

So... I've moved to a smaller IT company and, to my surprise, people here are not aware of the "Gaming Night" concept. DayKnights out there working in IT, don't you have that?? If you don't you should!!! :)

So I insisted that they let me organize it. They did, but since they're not used to this kind of thing, they are waiting for me to tell them which games to buy and what to install to make it work. Frankly, I don't have the time to look up all these details (since I'm swamped with tasks). So I thought I call here for help: HEEEELPPP!!!!! :D

The idea is this. I was trying to play Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory with my brother some years back. But it did not work multiplayer. I mean it did, but it would freeze or restart PC after 1-2 minutes of game time, totally ruining our experience. After 2 days of research, we found out that only the 1.0.1b patch was working well multiplayer. Now I was in school back then and I had a holiday so I could spend 2 days on this, which is not the case now. I'm going to provide the list of games we want to play and, please, those of you who know, post the exact version and patch that works well on multiplayer and well on Windows XP or 7. Thank you!!!!!!

Since the PC's we'll be playing on are quite old (by today's standards) we need the game to be working on local LAN (instead of Steam or other such providers available today).

Here's the magical List:

Age of Empires 2

Red Alert 2

Quake 3

NFS (Underground 1 or 2)

Delta Force

Flatout 2

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Postal 2

Atomic Bomber

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Fifa (somewhere from 2010 to 2013)

Since I have a limited budget to get all these games, please inform me only if you are sure that the version/patch you post works well in multiplayer LAN.

Thank you guyz and gurrrrlz! :D