Moving is done!!

Hello fellow DayKnights!

This has been an insane year for me, got a ton of things done outside of gaming so I left this part out quite often and did not update you guys as often as I wanted to.

Nothing dramatic, just got married, honey mooned, moved to a new house, worked on repairing and constructing parts of the new house and all that :) but I've made a temporary set-up for my equipment and working on GOS will soon start spiraling fast :D

I can't wait to share this set-up with you guys, I will probably upload more videos with a webcam and a proper microphone, maybe even do some streaming from my GamingAndStartCraft channel :D, yes it's with a "t" in there. Started out as a mistake but will be forever known and The MisTake (since google didn't let me change it) and will continue to be part of the "brand".

The final set-up will be in my new basement, with new walls to do Graffiti on and stick gaming posters of all shapes and sizes. I'm still working on construction in that part, so it will be a while, but man it will be cool! :D

Take care everyone!