Want to make a GAME?

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Hi guys!

I've been working on a game for quite some time and just got the game's website up to gather as much community around it as it can :D

Let me tell you about the basic concept of the game: It's a free open-source game with the purpose of using the new technologies and have a creative storyline that ANYONE can enjoy (hence the "free" part!)

The "open-source" part, means that anyone can add/modify or use whatever they want from the game. I envision this project to grow like Linux did and become a competitive free game that would offer a real challenge for game-makers today to keep improving what they do.

What I need from you: If you have an idea that you want to see in a game, or some artwork (music, pictures, drawings etc.) that you believe it belongs in a deep storyline do send it to me and we'll make it work. Did you ever want your touch to be placed in a game you really liked but never had the chance? I am offering this chance! Anyone is welcome! Voice actors (or wannabies, especially wannabies!!!), singers, painters anyone!

What can I do: I am basically a coder. I've been messing around in the art department from time to time, but I am a hardcore programmer and that's what I can really bring to the game. Give me your ideas/concepts/characters/twists etc. and I will make them happen!

Join me!

If you are interested, please go to: http://rpg-os.com/ get to the contact page and drop me an email with what your idea is, what you can and want to do and we'll make it work. The game is free and open-source, there are no adwords or anything like that on the website, I do not benefit financially in any way from your visit and contribution. All I want is to have all those brilliant minds that were never listened to, to shine in this game and make it the competitive and powerful gaming experience it can be by having thousands of people designing it and thus making everyone else try harder and make better games!

I think we have it in us to change the gaming world! Don't you?

LE: As pointed out by Nathaniel in the comments, it would be really great if you guys would also post replies in this thread so that is stays up as long as possible and more and more people get to see it and the game community grows as much as possible!

Thank you so far for all your support and feedback! The response has been great!!!

LE: Got up a new Facebook page with custom URL: https://www.facebook.com/rpgos.i. Please like, it would be of great help :)

LE(11.03.2014):Hi! :D - Forum is now up  - please join and help me build the community: http://rpg-os.com/forum/

Also +me on Google+ ;) https://plus.google.com/+Rpg-os/posts


Subreddit now in place. http://www.reddit.com/r/gos

Let's get reading! ... but we have to write some things first ...


Because I've had plenty of spam bots going around the "classical defenses" on the forum, I've added a Q&A type of registration, with the answer "Grip of Shadow".Whoever is interested please join, we have a new forum for debates and a first thing on the table: We have a sketch for on environment and we are trying to collect input on how to evolve the final piece.