Summoning Stone Priest

  (Edited: )

I've been trying to make this work for a while now.  I love the summoning stone card and think it makes for some great and crazy fun in hearthstone!  Finally, I think I've come up with a reasonable and possilbly viable list.  I'm running:  

2x Circle of Healing

2x Power Word:  Shield

2x Northshire Cleric

1x SW: Pain

2x Wild Pyromancer

1x SW: Death

1x Thoughtsteal

2x Velen's Chosen

1x Acolyte of Pain

2x Deathlord

2x Injured Blademaster

2x Shadow Madness

2x Holy Champion

2x Holy Nova

1x Loatheb

2x Summoning Stone

2x Entomb

1x Confessor Paletress


*edit - I've been tinkering with the deck still.  I've made the following changes for some added late game and more overall minions.

-2x Wild Pyromancer

-1x Acolyte of Pain


+1 Museum Curator

+1 Cabal Shadow Priest

+1 Mind Control


The deck aims to take early board control with strong minions such as blademaster and holy champion, as well as anti-aggro cards such as deathlord and pyro.  Pyro also synergizes nicely with cleric, acolyte, and circle for a good amount of card draw.

Shadow madness is also great at dealing with decks that fill up the board quick and have deathrattle minions such as secret pally and zoo.  Also great at nabbing those pesky sludge belchers, mad scientists, imp gang boss, etc! 

I haven't kept any records or percentage of win rates logged, but I definitely have a positive rate versus secret paladin with this deck.  Hasn't been a huge poll or anything though.  We'll call it, say, 6-3ish?


In the late game, you have the sw: death and 2 entombs to deal with fattys and painful minions.  Try to entomb something big and difficult to deal with (e.g. tirion) over something like an emperor thaurissan if you can since you don't have any late game legendaries except for paletress.  She is there for addition pressure and board control, and can be a lot of fun if the rng mistress is on your side ;)  And hey, that thoughtsteal might end up bringing some late-game as well.  I've stolen an anyfin can happen before; damn, did that feel good!


Loatheb was included to help maintain your board and especially protect the summoning stones.  It's pretty tricky to just lay a summoning stone turn 5 even with an established board control and have it live.  If you get the summoning stones to work out properly, you can easily fill up your board.  He is a necessity to keep your swing alive and can be a big win condition.


So in general, I find the summoning stones to be better late game - comboed with a sw: death, shadow madness, or holy nova is a pretty great turn and can be a huge swing.  You should definitely look for those opportunities where you can play it turn 5, though; it is easily possible for them to ignore it or have no answer to it.  Just use your head and know what kind of cards in your opponent's deck can easily take it out, silence it, etc.


I would really appreciate any and all feedback - good and bad criticism.  Is it a viable deck?  Is it too much of a dream?  How would you improve it?

Take care and enjoy!