strategy against P as T

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Hello everybody, 

First of all, I'd like to warn you that what you're gonna read is from a non english native, so sorry by advance for the mistakes I know I'm gonna make.

So, guys, totady I'd like to share with you a strategy that I love to use against Protoss as a Terran. 

I might not be the first one that uses it, but I've never seen it in any video commentary. 

To me, gold player, it has always worked. Since I discovered that wonderful strategy, i've never lost against a protoss using it.

The strategy simply consist in bulding 4 racks whose two of them have the reactor and the two other have the tech. center, with only one gaz. (that single gaz is important)  

Build the first rack with the tech. center and research stimpack,  and dont stop producing marauders. Then, as fast as you can, build the second one with a reactor, and start create marines, and then follow with the two other racks with that same standard. Once you've got stim (was about to write "steam" but I don't think it's correct ^-^ ) , you go to your ennemy's base, and I don't know why, but in most of the cases you're stronger than him. Probably because you diden't tech farther than tiers 1.5, and therefor have a much more to spend on your army.  Then he'll bother you with some centries so that you cant climb the ramp, but it's not a problem, expend, put a rally point on his natural b2 and then normaly he'll lose all his army against your forces that are waiting for him at his city's gates. 

The reason why I shared that one strategy is because then you can tell me what could be wrong, how would you react yourself if you're in the P situation, and also why not to use it for your own benefite. 

So, thanx for reading, I hope your eyes didn't surfer too much reading me,  and like you say, "cheer's" =)  

PS: I  wouldn't have came on the forum if I had an amazing guy like [day9] set up in my language on my youtube account, so again, I hope i do not disturb too much, but understand my willing to be part of his loyal fans X)